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Our Basic Training Packages are for those who want a more simple

training plan or that want a more "traditional" training experience.

*Prices do not include sales tax.

These packages only include:

  • The training sessions

  • Email, phone or text support while in the training period

  • Handouts as needed during the training period.

The packages are:

  • 4 sessions (this is best for puppy training or working on one specific issue)

  • 6 sessions (this is best for learning basic cues, for working on 1-3 specific issues, service dog task work, or mild behavior issues)

  • 8 sessions (this is best for behavior issues such as reactivity, aggression, or if you want to work on a few basic cues in addition to mild behavior issues or if you need more service dog task work or public access work.)

If you would like to register for any of the Basic Training Packages, please book your phone consult to discuss the training plan that is right for you and your dog.