Dynamic Dog Assessment

The Dynamic Dog assessment process is a complete analysis of a dog to detect anomalies within the movement, posture and conformation and then presenting this information to the veterinarian so they can further investigate and provide treatment if required. 

As a Dynamic Dog practitioner, I am fully trained in canine bio-mechanics, static and dynamic critical analysis, vet report writing and have knowledge of how pain and discomfort can exacerbate and in some cases cause unwanted and often problematic behaviors in dogs.

Dynamic Dog assessments are appropriate for all dogs that have physical or behavioral issues, but especially dogs whose behavior has recently changed, dogs who are exhibiting behavioral issues that are puzzling and dogs that seem to have physical issues but are hard to assess in a veterinary clinic, for example, because the dog is anxious or fearful in a veterinary clinic setting.

What does a Dynamic Dog assessment include?

         90-minute Zoom interview to get a detailed picture of your dog’s   

          behavior, history, environment, relationships, daily routines and   

          known physical health.


          After the interview, you will gather photo ad videos of your dog

          following my “how to guide” and instructions


          An in-depth assessment involving analysis of your dog’ conformation,

          posture, gait and more will them be completed


          A follow-up Zoom meeting to discuss findings and recommendations


           A detailed written report will be given to your veterinarian with

           supporting photos and video.