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Essential Oils for Animals and People

Did you know that your dog can benefit from using essential oils? 

Essential oils are a natural way to help our furry family members

and ourselves to stay healthy and happy. 

If you have concerns about any emotional, physical or behavior issues,

we may be able to help you with the safe use of essential oils.  In case

you are worried, I am fully trained in using essential oils safely with

animals from a world renowned veterinarian. 

I am a Certified Animal Aromatherapy Specialist.

*Make sure you are using a high quality essential oil.  Some essential oils will have other ingredients in them that could be harmful to you or your pet.  A lot of essential oils sold in stores and online are not pure and not high quality.  I only use essential oils from Young Living because I know they are safe.

Since essential oils are considered supplements and are not labeled as medicine and not regulated by the FDA, we cannot make any specific claims that they can help with any specific or medical issues.  If you have any questions, or would like to learn more, please contact me. 

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