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We get it, your dog isn't turning out to be the wonderful family dog that you thought you'd have.  You don't want him to be "perfect" but you do want everyone to get along. 


You want to be able to have guests over without feeling like they are being assaulted when they come in by all the jumping.  You want the poo & pee in the grass, not on the living room carpet.  You want to be able to take a walk without being embarrassed.  You want to be able to work from home without constant barking at everything that goes by your house.  You may even be experiencing serious stress because of your dog's behavior or you may feel your own life is greatly impacted by your concerns about your dog's aggression, fear, or anxiety. 

Most dog training programs don't address what matters most to dog families because they are based on an outdated model of "obedience" rather than what the real sources of the problems are. Even if you learn a few new skills, the things that are making your life difficult are continuing to be daily challenges. 

Whether you just got a new puppy or an adult dog, our private, in-home training program is the right choice for you!  We will work with you to go beyond "obedience" to address the real sources of problem behaviors and create realistic solutions that make everyone's life better.  No judgements.  No false promises.  No unrealistic expectations.  Just the kinds of game-changing insights & interventions that really matter. 


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