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When our dogs show signs of aggression such as pulling on leash, lunging at other dogs or people, or barking when out for a walk, it can be embarrassing, scary or upsetting to us.  We can help you get back the life you envisioned you would have when you first got your dog.  You know the one where you could take your dog anywhere and they would be calm, well-mannered, and good with other dogs and people?

This program is for you if you are ready to enjoy your dog again, ready to be able to take your dog on walks without being worried about what people would think, or worse, worried your dog might hurt someone or attack another dog.

This Program Includes the Following:

  • 8, One-hour private one-on-one sessions

  • Mid-week Check-ins via Text or Email

  • Text, Email, and Phone Support for 6 months

  • Handouts for each lesson

  • Membership in our Private FaceBook Leash Reactive Support Group

  • 6 Months subscription to our Newsletter

  • All Training Equipment required is included (Clicker, Treat Pouch, Body Harness, and Leash)

  • 1 Extra Private Session to use within first year

  • 10% Discount on future services

Does your dog bark and lunge at people or other dogs on walks?

Don't need an all-inclusive program?