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City Canine Classes

So, you got a dog and had such wonderful plans of taking him with you every where you went because he would be part of your family.  And family goes places together, right?  But then you got him home and things haven't worked out quite as you had hoped.  He jumps on everyone he meets, barks at everything, or doesn't listen to anything you say.  How could you ever  take a dog like that to the park, or to your next family gathering? 

Help is here! 

  *Your dog should already have some basics such as walking on leash, sit, down and come before signing up for this class.  This is an advanced class.   Your dog cannot be aggressive, fearful, or anxious in this class.   If you need help with your dog over any of these issues, please contact us to set up private sessions.  Each class will be approximately 1 hour.  The class is 4 sessions (4 weeks).  $145

We will meet with you, your dog and a few other teams in different public locations (Lowes, the park, Tractor Supply, down town, and maybe at a sports event or two) each week and help you work with your dog on the issues you are having so you CAN take your dog with you! 

There will be limited spots available to make sure we can give you and your dog  the time and attention you need to learn and develop the skills to be able to go to more places with your dog without feeling frustrated, angry or embarrassed because of  your dog's behavior.

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