Bringing home a puppy can be both exciting and a lot of work.  Of course they are cute and cuddly and we just want to squish their little faces, but they grow up fast!  It is important to start early with your new family member to teach them the things they need to know to live in our human world. 

All our training programs are based on you, your dog and what you wish to accomplish.  Most companion dogs don't need to learn all the bells and whistles to be a really good family dog.  They just need to learn how to be part of the family.  So we will make sure they have the right skills to fit right in.  And we include the whole family in the process so the puppy can start bonding with everyone from the start.  Plus teaching the kids how to interact with the puppy and play appropriate games will be good for the family and the puppy!  And it may give your kids the tools they need to help out with the puppy to take something off of your plate.  SCORE!

We also keep in mind that sometimes families can be busy with what feels like a chaotic life with something always going on, so we help you find simple solutions to help in several different ways.  This way you don't have to learn a hundred different things to work on with your puppy.   This makes working with your puppy more relaxed and not stressful because you only have to teach a few things.  

This program is for puppies 8 weeks old to 16 weeks old.