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The objective of our training program is to address your dog’s separation anxiety from the root of the issue: anxiety.  Anxiety in dogs is experienced differently for each, thus the need for customized programs for every dog facing separation anxiety.

Separation anxiety training is a gradual process and because it is a complex behavior, we work extremely closely with our clients, 5 days a week. We create individualized daily exercises (which we call Missions) and provide considerable feedback regularly.

We require a 4 week minimum commitment as this is the very least amount of time that we feel will allow us to get a beginning foothold on the behavior and also start to teach you how the separation anxiety protocol works.

Imagine living with a dog who can peacefully take a nap while you are at work or running an errand.  It is possible!

What's included:

  • Initial Phone Call to Discuss your Dog and how our Training Protocol will Work

  • Initial Online Live Assessment of your Dog

  • 5 Individualized Training Plans per Week

  • Daily Support (5 days a week) and feedback - you are not alone in your journey with your dog.

  • 6 month membership to our Private FaceBook Separation Anxiety Support Group

  • 6 month subscription to our Newsletter

  • Live Weekly Online Assessments with you and your dog

  • Progress Data Tracking - we keep up with your dog's progress and make sure your dog is on the right track

  • An entire team of experts with eyes on your case.  Our team of CSATs not only have a very active online discussion community, but we also meet live regularly to collaborate on cases and help support each other.  So not only do you get the expertise of one professional, but also the collective assistance of the entire group of incredibly skilled professionals from around the world.