Do you want to give back and have a dog that loves people?

Therapy Dogs are specially trained dogs that provide comfort and emotional support to people in various settings

such as hospitals, nursing homes, schools, and mental health facilities. They are known for their calm and friendly nature, and are able to provide a sense of companionship and well-being to people who may be feeling lonely,

anxious, or stressed. Therapy dogs are trained to provide emotional support, reducing anxiety, and improving

social interactions. They work with their owners who volunteer in these facilities.

Therapy Dogs are not the same as Service Dogs. They are not allowed in public places unless invited to help others.

Therapy Dogs have to have insurance coverage to visit almost all locations.

Volunteering is a noble thing to do. Using your dog to help bring joy and comfort to others is a wonderful way to give your dog something to do and also help others. Dogs have been proven to help reduce anxiety, improve social interactions and lower blood pressure.

Rocket has become a completely different dog…

Tracey is an excellent dog trainer, we are grateful for the training and tools she provided for our rescue dog Rocket. Her positive training methods and love for dogs is evident and we highly recommend her . After working with her, Rocket has become a completely different dog and we give her 5 starts and two thumbs us.

-Jennifer & Patrick W.

Patient, Skilled and Professional

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