“Tracey was in-depth in the initial phone consultation and then home evaluation to assess and formulate a tailored approach. Parker was a 1.5 year old rescue with unknown abandonment history and fear aggression from lack of socialization. Tracey respected and met Parker where he was emotionally with past trauma on what would be safe and supportive for all involved. Tracey’s approach to behavior training is non-physical in correction and discipline. She demonstrated her expertise and skills throughout the six week program.” - Kathryn C.

“Tracey is unbelievable with dogs! My golden retriever had severe fear issues. Would not walk past a certain point in front of the house, and got so scared in new environments that she bolted twice. After Tracey's six week program, she goes for walks on trails, goes to the dog park, has gained tremendous confidence and she is enjoying her brand new back yard and home! I couldn't believe the progress she has made and the progress I have made as a dog parent. Tracey not only trained my dog, but she trained me to be able to understand and prevent my dog from becoming so scared in the first place. I can't thank her enough!”

-Claire J.

“My husband and I were expecting our first child and our two Goldendoodles were fighting off and on. This aggression scared me especially bringing a child into the picture. Tracey came to our home, worked with our girls and pointed out behaviors we could change which changed their response. She also educated us on the things we were doing that was provoking a stressed environment for our anxious dog. Since training and utilizing essential oils (Tracey helped us here, as well) our girls no longer fight and are best friends to our little man. 😊” - Megan R

“Excellent Trainer that has helped my own clients with special issues remotely! I highly recommend her! signed a fellow dog trainer ❤️ together we are saving lives! ❤️“

-Meleia Jennine Rouland

“Tracey is truly AMAZING! She has my 6 month old bichonpoo doing things I didn’t even know was possible and the amazing thing about it is that it is all done with positive training! She is truly wonderful!” - Tara H.

“We are beyond grateful for the training and tools that Tracey has given us to work with our rescue boy Rocket!! Highly recommend her positive training methods and love she shows the dogs she works with!!” -Jennifer W.

“Tracey is among the best at what she does. Our dog Rocket is a completely different dog after working with her. 5 stars, 2 thumbs, all the "paws"itive things I can say.”

-Patrick W.

“Tracey is great with dogs and understands their needs as well as the owner.” - Sara S.

“Tracey is a patient and dedicated trainer of both dogs and their owners.” - Louise J.

“Tracey is Tank’s favorite person. I love when a dog LOVES training. She uses positive reinforcement techniques, which were great for Tank and my foster dog, Avi, an abuse case. Avi wouldn’t let anyone new get near him before Tracey. He is such a different dog- very playful and happy!“ - Nita B.

“I recommend Pawsitive Purpose based on my dog Willa's progress. She's a German shepherd puppy and needed and needs help with her fear of dogs. She has come a long way in just 8 weeks of training with Tracey! You guys are the best and thank you!" - Amanda H.

“Tracey shares her wealth of knowledge and expertise to help your dog be at its best! Our dog loves Tracy and quickly makes improvements after her visits. Tracy also “trains” me so I can insure that new behaviors continue after she is gone. Highly recommend.” - Kim C.

“Tracey knows just what our dog needs to become a service dog. She is very clear with teaching both owner and dog. She is very dedicated to the process and meets the owner and dog at the level of training they need. We started training with her the day after we brought home our dog at 8 weeks old. It’s remarkable what our dog can now do. Can’t say enough good things about Tracy and her training!” - Quigley Quigley

“Tracey is great to work with! She is patient (with dog and owner) and my reactive dog reallyresponded well with her. I have seen so much improvement in my dog becoming less fearfuland more disciplined. Her experience and knowledge helped explain reactions my dog washaving and develop tailored and creative suggestions for improvement. I highly recommend!”

Melissa P.

“Tracey was wonderful helping us train with our dog, Gizmo. Not only did Gizmo respond immediately to her training we also learned a lot about how to handle our new puppy. She’s great to work with and I’d highly recommend her to anyone interested in training their dog.“

-Allen C.

“I highly recommend Tracey, she is an excellent trainer who uses positive/safe training techniques. I used to not be able to walk my dog without her pulling and had trouble getting her to listen to me, now after her training with Tracey, she does excellent at walking and listens very well.” - Laci D.

“When my nervous dog met Tracey, she was terrified. Soon my dog was happy and excited to meet Tracey.”

-Myralee C.

“Tracey has such great insight into the dogs. We were only able to survive two terrier puppies with her help!” - Eben H.

“We began working with Tracey a couple of months after bringing Findlay home as a new puppy to our family. Finley is high energy and we wee having trouble getting into a rhythm. He wanted constant attention and went through lots of challenging puppy behaviors trying to get it. He’s very smart and picked up anything Tracey introduced immediately (she made everything look easy and simple). Over the course of four sessions, she taught us how to manage his behaviors, how to redirect his attention seeking, and how to challenge him mentally to help combat his high energy. We saw improvement after each session. Finn is almost a year old now and is well-behaved. We’ve retained everything and he frequently gets praised for his demeanor and behavior from friends, family and even strangers. Working with Tracey early on was one of the best things we could’ve done. We’re a much happier family as a result. I would definitely recommend Tracey for anyone struggling or just wanting to make progress in their relationship with their dog. She’s patient and it is obvious that she’s one of the best trainers locally as soon as she greets your dog.”

- Cindy O.

“Tracey was a life saver. We have a 9 year old rescue who had some past trauma leaving him anxious, fear aggressive, etc. It was a nightmare to go to the vet or to have company over. Tracey came in and gave him the confidence he needed. I do not dread vet appointments anyone or having company over. Tracey is very knowledgeable and truly has a gift for what she does. Highly recommend!!!!!!!!


Hi! We took Diesel tool on a road trip after wanting to do it for so many years. He is a completely different dog and I thank you for that. He did so great and we even went to a dog beach - leashes are required so I felt somewhat comfortable. He didn’t even notice the other dogs or people he was focused on us and the water. Anyways, I wanted to update you how he is doing. This would have never happened before!

We also hosted Thanksgiving and of course I put him away, but someone let him our and before I could get to him, he was loving on people and even tried to leaving with them 😂 So he is doing good.”

-Carla Neyman

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