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This is Diesel - living his best life!   But it wasn't always like this for him... 

A white and black dog on the beach in the sand and on the beach
White and black dog on the beach
Black and white dog in the water at the beach

"Tracey helped our dog Diesel overcome his anxiety and fear aggression issues.  Vet appointments and having company over are no longer a nightmare.  Tracey is highly knowledgeable and skilled.  Highly recommend!" -Carla Neyman


Update Nov. 2023:  Hi! We took diesel on a road trip after wanting to do it for so many years. He is a completely different dog and i thank you for that. He did so great and we even went to a dog beach- leashes are required so i felt somewhat comfortable. He didn't even notice the other dogs or people he was focused on us and the water. Anyways i wanted to update you how he is doing. This would have never happened before!

We also hosted thanksgiving and of course i put him away but someone let him out and before i could get to him he was loving on people and even tried leaving with them 😂. So he's doing good. Hope your doing well!

Program for Aggressive Dogs

Living with and loving a dog with behavior struggles can be challenging and isolating.  What if it didn’t have to be?

We specialize in helping you navigate aggression issues with your dog.  Whether your dog is engaging in behaviors that are directed at people, other dogs or both - you don’t need to be embarrassed or nervous asking for help.  It is what we are here for.  We know there is so much more to your dog than their behavioral struggles.  Even if it sometimes feels like you are dealing with Cujo, we know that isn’t who your dog really is.  

If your dog struggles with:

  • Barking and lunging at guests

  • Fights with other dogs

  • Barking, growling and lunging at other dogs or animals

  • Guarding food or toys

  • Snapping at your kids

  • Biting the vet

We can help!

  • Calm, relaxed behavior with guests, strangers and handling

  • Reduce stress over resources like food, water, toys and space

  • Improve relationships with family members and kids

  • Increase feelings of safety and ease of handling at the vet

We work to understand the root cause of the scary behaviors you are seeing.   Aggression is a symptom-not a personality trait.  Our comprehensive evaluation and training programs help us figure out why your dog is dealing with these behaviors in the first place so that we can effectively modify them for long term resolution.

After a detailed intake and consult process, we tailor a plan specifically designed for you and your dog’s needs.  These plans will often include working with your veterinarian, lifestyle changes, enrichment, body language lessons and behavior modification training to increase the likelihood for lasting long-term resolution to the behaviors your dog is struggling with.

Every dog is different, which means there is no one size fits all plan for working with aggression.  Some families only need 6 sessions to find successful resolution, while others with more challenging situations may work with me for a few months. No matter how many sessions you and your dog need, you have our dedicated support every step of the way, including between sessions and after your initial program is over. 

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