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This is Diesel - living his best life!   But it wasn't always like this for him... 


"Tracey helped our dog Diesel overcome his anxiety and fear aggression issues.  Vet appointments and having company over are no longer a nightmare.  Tracey is highly knowledgeable and skilled.  Highly recommend!" -Carla Neyman


Update Nov. 2023:  Hi! We took diesel on a road trip after wanting to do it for so many years. He is a completely different dog and i thank you for that. He did so great and we even went to a dog beach- leashes are required so i felt somewhat comfortable. He didn't even notice the other dogs or people he was focused on us and the water. Anyways i wanted to update you how he is doing. This would have never happened before!

We also hosted thanksgiving and of course i put him away but someone let him out and before i could get to him he was loving on people and even tried leaving with them 😂. So he's doing good. Hope your doing well!

What if your dog can go from this....

X Barking and lunging at guests when

    they come to your house?

Getting into fights with other dogs?
Growling or showing his teeth when 

    someone walks by him while he is having

    his breakfast?  
X Snapping at the kids for no reason? 

X Seems to flip a switch from the sweetest 

    dog in the world straight into Cujo?  

to this....

A calmer, more relaxed dog with guests  and family members, allowing you to be more social and relaxed, too.

Our comprehensive program will allow us to find the real sources of your dog's aggressive behavior and create realistic solutions for you and your dog so you can live your best life with each other.

We can help!  We specialize in Aggressive Behaviors, meaning we work with aggressive dog cases every day.


Aggressive behaviors can be scary.  And sometimes it can be embarrassing or even make us feel betrayed.  It can leave us not knowing what to do and sometimes even afraid of our own dogs!  One thing is for definitely can change your relationship with your dog. 


We can help you understand your dog's aggressive behaviors and show you how you can change your dog's behavior.   

We start with a consultation to sit down with you and discuss the issues you are having with your dog, get some background information, and evaluate your dog.  This consultation is 1 1/2 - 2 hours.


This allows us time to really dig deep with you to determine the best course of training with you and your dog to get you to your goals. 



                                If you are ready to get started,

                   schedule your consult today!                                                     Still have some questions?

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