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Our Service Dog program is a coaching program for those who want to train their own dog to become a Service Dog or for those who want to train their own dog, but need help choosing an appropriate dog to train for Service Dog work.  From assessments to comprehensive program design, we provide expert guidance to help get your dog to a working level helping you live your best life. 

Service Dogs are highly trained so they can help their owner with their disability in public and go places pet dogs are not able to go.  The training process can take up to 2 years to have a fully trained Service Dog.   Our program will help guide you all the way through the process so you can have a Service Dog that can truly help you. 

We help train Service Dogs for mobility, autism, medical alert, psychiatric, and other disabilities.  However, just because you may have one of these disabilities does not mean that your best intervention will be a service dog.  We work with you, your family, your doctors, therapists and others to make sure we are working with you as a team to help you determine if having a service dog is right for you.

“Tracey knows just what our dog needs to become a service dog.  She is very clear with teaching both owner and dog.  She is very dedicated to the process and meets the owner and dog at the level of training they need.  We started training with her the day after we brought home our dog at 8 weeks old.  It's remarkable what our dog can now do.  Can't say enough good things about Tracey and her training methods!"

-Steve M.

"Tracey is amazing!  She did the service dog training for our son's service dog and he is awesome.  She is all positive reinforcement and it works.  She even checks in periodically on him even after his training has been completed." 

-Brooke B.

*Please Note*

Getting and training your own service dog is a lot of work on

your part.  It can be more work than you want to put into it or more than you can put into it depending on your disability, your limitations, and your support system.   We will help you decide if it is the right intervention for you.

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