We provide a training program for those who want to train their own dog to become a service dog or for those who want to train their own dog, but need help choosing an appropriate dog to train for service dog work.  All Service Dog training is individualized to your specific needs so we can help you address all of your needs.

Service Dogs are highly and extensively trained so they can help their owner with their disability in public and go places pet dogs are not able to go.  The training process can take up to 2 years to have a fully trained Service Dog.   Our program will help guide you all the way through the process so you can have a Service Dog that can truly help you. 

Service Dogs, Therapy Dogs, and Emotional Support Dogs

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There's more to training Service Dogs than basic obedience and manners.  Let us help you train your dog through all the challenges  you face as an owner-trainer.   

  • Help with modifications you need to make during training due to any limitations of your disability

  • Teach you the laws, both federal and state, that you need to know

  • Teach you how to make sure your dog learns how to behave in public even under distractions

  • Teach you how to respond to business owners and members of the public in regards to your service dog

  • Teach you how to appropriately handle any unexpected behavior from your dog in public

  • And offer long-term support for you and your service dog to continue your dog's level of training and to address any new tasks your dog may need to help you with over time. 

Types of Service Dogs

we work with:

  • Autism

  • Anxiety/Panic Attacks

  • Mobility

Service Dog Laws


Download the Service Dog Application that fits your needs,

fill it out and return to us in PDF format via email at:

SD Application - I already have a dog I want to use

SD Application - I need you to help

me choose a dog

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Phone: (859) 333-3822

Our Service Area includes:

  • Georgetown / Scott County

  • Lexington / Fayette County

  • Frankfort / Franklin County

  • Lawrenceburg / Anderson County

  • Paris / Bourbon County

  • Cynthiana / Harrison County