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Pawsitive Purpose Prison Programs

Giving Back:  All Humans and Dogs Have a Purpose

Pawsitive Purpose is proud to run 4 inmate training programs across Kentucky.

We've been working with low-security, non-violent, honor block inmates for the last 7 years to provide in-prison skills training but also help provide affordable, high-quality science-based board and train services for families in Central Kentucky and beyond seeking an affordable option for service dogs or other residential style, non-kennel based training.

The inmates who participate in this program are able to provide structured, consistent and reliable care to their assigned dog.  They undergo comprehensive training provided by Pawsitive Purpose on handling, husbandry, body language, animal behavior and science-based training in conjunction with their block staff so they have daily support and around the clock supervision.

We've been so fortunate to work with such dedicated inmates over the last 7 years, and are proud that many participants continue their own learning outside of their regular program time by reading in the stocked behavior library provided by us at their facility, attending additional online behavior courses and, in some cases, achieving professional level dog training or grooming certifications.

For dogs who come into the prison program, they live full time with their handler and attend structured daily activities in the facility.  Dogs have access to outdoor play, interactions with other dogs, interactions with other dog handlers + staff, daily training, grooming, enrichment and vet care.  Every week, inmates and their dogs attend group classes run by Pawsitive Purpose to check on their progress and further advance their training.  Inmate handlers help administer both our residential service dog programs and our residential general skills training programs.  The level of training the dog emerge from these programs with is incredible-a testament to the dedication and care provided by their inmate handlers.

Many of the more experienced inmates participate in our Service Dog training programs, providing diligent, around the clock training and care to their assigned dog so that they may go on to effectively serve their human as part of a team upon graduation.

Pawsitive Purpose supplies inmates with all necessary supplies for training including collars, harnesses, leashes, crates, toys, treats, enrichment, clickers, food and more.  To donate supplies for this program, please contact us us  For dogs who are in a board and train program, their humans supply food, vet care and basic supplies.

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