Separation anxiety is one of the most common dog behavior problems and 20% to 40% of dogs in North America are diagnosed with this condition.  Separation anxiety in pets compares to specific emotional disorders in humans, such as phobic disorders and panic attacks.

Dogs suffering from Separation Anxiety experience anything from mild anxiety to uncontrollable panic when left alone. It is a heart-wrenching canine condition that, unfortunately, does not resolve on its own without training. 

Working with Separation Anxiety is a gradual process because it is a complex behavior.  We take our time to help your dog learn coping skills so they can feel more at ease when you are not home with them. 

We work extremely close with our clients, 5 days a week creating individualized daily exercises and providing considerable feedback regularly.  

Imagine living with a dog who can peacefully take a nap while you are at work or running an errand.  It is possible!

Separation Anxiety Training is done in 4-week blocks as this is the least amount of time we feel will allow us to make some progress  and start to teach you how the protocol works.

We will continue to work with your until you have met your goals for your dog. 

Ready to get your dog started on the road to recovery? 

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