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How does our program work?

We use an individualized training protocol to work on Separation Anxiety.  We ask that you commit to "signing a contract" with your dog that you will never leave him alone longer than he can handle.   Once you can do this, we will use a systematic desensitization training plan to work with you and your dog. 


We use remote training to work on Separation Anxiety.  This is done in your home with the use of video technology.   We feel this is the best way to work with Separation Anxiety so we can truly see what your dog does when you leave.  If we were there, it would upset the normalcy of the absence and we wouldn't get the information we need to determine your dog's individualized plan to make sure he has the best outcome we can bring. 

‚ÄčSeparation Anxiety can be a devastating condition for your dog, and for you.  But there is hope. 

It IS treatable. 

What is Separation Anxiety?

Separation Anxiety is an anxiety disorder similar to panic attacks in humans.  Just like any other anxiety disorder, your dog has no control over it. 

Ready for Relief? 

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Separation Anxiety Training

What is included

  • Complimentary 30-minute phone consultation

  • Daily email support from a certified, experienced dog trainer and separation anxiety specialist

  • Tangible step-by-step exercises to resolve your dog’s separation anxiety

  • Weekly online face-to-face reassessment sessions to help you overcome obstacles and keep your dog moving forward

  • Motivation for you to keep your commitment to your dog’s improvement

  • Compassionate, customized approach for you and your dog

  • Available worldwide via Skype or Zoom