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separation anxiety

Separation anxiety in dogs can be overwhelming for both the dog and the owner.  Our certified trainer can help you and your dog overcome separation anxiety.

Let our Certified Separation Anxiety Trainer help you get your life back!

What is Separation Anxiety?
Separation Anxiety is a disorder that affects the lives of millions of dogs and the people who love them.
The suffering of a dog with Separtation Anxiety is like that
of a panic attack in humans.

It CAN be successfully treated

There are a wide range of symptoms with SA:

  • Excessive vocalization

  • Excessive drooling

  • Urination or defecation

  • Damage to furniture, carpeting or other flooring

  • Damage to clothing, eyeglasses, or other items (usually heavily scented by owner)

  • Destruction around the entry and exit points of the home

  • Bent crate wires or doors from attempts to escape

  • Shredded crate bedding or mats

What if you could go from this....

  • Destruction of doors, windows, furniture or other items

  • Complaints from neighbors about barking

  • Bent crate wires or doors

  • Vet visits for wounds from anxious licking, chewing or escape attempts

  • Potty accidents

  • Stress and guilt from knowing your dog is anxious when left home alone

to this....

  • Being able to go out to dinner, run errands or travel without worrying about your dog

  • Coming home to a dog that has been happily sleeping all day on the couch instead of tearing up your house in a panic attack

White and brown dog lying on its back sleeping on a couch

What causes Separation Anxiety?

Separation Anxiety can be triggered by numerous underlying issues such as re-homing, changes in the household, the death of another dog in the home, moving to a new home, or traumatic experiences. 


You did not cause this behavior!  Your dog can recover!

Separation Anxiety worsens over time without treatment.  Treating Separation Anxiety requires time and patience.  But the results are well worth it.  Just imagine being able to go out to dinner without worrying what you will find whe you get home.

Are you Ready for Relief?  Let's Get Started!

How the Separation Anxiety Program Works

When working with Separation Anxiety, we need to address the underlying anxiety (the emotion), not the symptoms we may see.  To do this, the behavior modification protocol we use is desensitization, which exposes the dog to something that is scary-the human leaves-in very small absences that increase over time, your dog learns to be home alone and happy.

And you get your life back!

Every dog is unique.  This is the reason we offer each client an individualized training program that is

designed to their dog's specific training needs.

The 1st Step

  • A 90 minute initial assessment so we can review your dog's history and your training goals, and observe and evaluate your dog's behavior when they are left home alone.  This assessment is conducted via Zoom to ensure that my presence does not change the dynamics of the situation and your dog's behavior.

Initial Assessment


The Training Program

The program is delivered inn 4-week intensive training packages.  Each of these packages include the following:

  • 20 customized daily training plans (five plans per week, with 2 rest days)

  • 4 weekly Zoom sessions for a reassessment and discussion of your dog's progress and to answer any questions

  • Review, support and feedback of your training sessions

  • Email support during business hours

  • An online shared document to track data and show your improvements and successes along the way

  • Support, Cheerleading and Coaching for you along the way

  • Video review of your training sessions as needed

  • Communication with your veterinarian or veterinary behaviorist as needed

4-Week Intensive Training Package

$860 ($215 per week)

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