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Dog training in Kentucky

Dog/Puppy Training

We will help you transform your puppy or dog from a nightmare to a dream dog

Aggressive Dog Training in Kentucky


We can help you stop your dog’s aggressive behaviors and return to a normal life with your dog

Separation Anxiety training for dogs

Separation Anxiety

Let us help you and your dog overcome separation anxiety and get your life back.

Service Dog training in Kentucky

Service Dogs

Let us help you lead a more

independent life by helping you train your own service dog

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“”Tracey is an excellent trainer, patient with both dog and owner. My reactive dog improved greatly under her guidance, becoming less fearful and more disciplined. Her expertise helped me understand my dog's reactions and provided tailored solutions for improvement. I highly recommend her.

—Melissa P.

Benefits of Using Positive Reinforcement

What is Poisitive Reinforcement?

Positive Reinforcement is a training method that uses a reward (treats, praise, toys, anything the dog finds rewarding) for desired behaviors. The reward makes them more likely to repeat the behavior in the future. It is one of the most powerful tools you can use to change your dog’s behavior.

  • Teaches your dog what you want them to do

  • Effective way to train your dog

  • Humane training methods

  • Builds a relationship with your dog

  • Uses fun, easy training methods for the entire family

  • Allows a dog to choose without fear of repercussions

  • Avoids increasing anxiety or aggression

  • Helps build confidence in your dog

Dog training in Central Kentucky

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