Are you at your wits end with your dog?  He doesn't listen, he hates everyone that comes over to visit, or he loves them so much he won't stop jumping on them?  Or maybe your dog is showing fear or aggression?  Then you are in the right place!  

We understand your frustrations, embarrassment and sometimes fear because of these behavior problems.  And we are here to help you teach your dog how to be the family member you always wanted!

We offer private, customized  training sessions in your home or in other locations that you want your dog to behave so we can get you on the fast track to a calmer, well-mannered companion.

Oh, and dog training isn't just for your dog - you need to be trained and supported, too!  That's why our programs  provide you with the training and knowledge to get started on your training  journey, regular check-ins over the course of training , and offer follow-up support once the course is over so you can be more successful in achieving your training goals.




What our clients are saying:

"Tracey is a patient and dedicated trainer of both dogs and their owners."  - Louise J.

"We are beyond grateful for the training and tools that Tracey has given us to work with our rescue boy Rocket!! Highly recommend her positive training methods and love she shows the dogs she works with!!" - Jennifer W.